Review: Dig the Rockin' Pop-Punk Vibes of Joshua James Hunt's 'Open the Door'

By: Jura Daubenspeck

For anyone that digs blast from the past alternative pop punk-ish vibes, Boulder’s Joshua James Hunt has just what you need. His latest release Open the Door is full of head-bopping energy that is catchy as ever.

Since February, Hunt has gradually teased each track from the album, giving them their own chance to shine individually. Tracks such as “Summertime Song” have a nostalgic quality, reminiscent of more innocent beachtime hangs, while others such like “Come On” and “War Is Not The Answer” have an edgier quality to them.

Listening to Hunt’s latest album, I hear hints of influences ranging from Green Day, to Jimmy Eat World, to Rooney. Lyrically, Hunt keeps it nice and simple, letting his smooth vocal style speak for itself. What I also appreciate about this album is how no two songs sound the same. Tracks like “You’re a Citizen” feature more playful and hard-hitting guitar work, while others like “Just A Matter of Time” focus more on power chord progressions.

One track I’m particularly feeling is “Check the Breaker” - it holds its own with a powerful rockin’ melody, and is also pretty sweet, lyrically-speaking:

It was a quarter life crisis

He didn't make it through

Put a bullet in his life

And made a mess of you

Whatever happened

I know it wasn't your fault

He aimed for his head

But he shot you in the heart

Hunt still has yet to release the last two songs on Open the Door. So be on the lookout for the final two tracks, “Beautiful Dream” (3/31) and “Ceasefire” (4/7). Give his tunes a listen on his Soundcloud, YouTube and Hunt’s website. Check out his Facebook page for upcoming announcements.


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