All Aboard! It's Time to Hop on the Weaves Train. Now.

By: Sierra Voss

Up and coming band Weaves took the stage at Globe Hall this past Wednesday. If you weren't there, yah f*cked up. And if you don’t know them, now is the time to take a listen. This four piece band hailing from Toronto ravaged the stage for a small, but adoring audience at the hall.

In an ocean of artists and bands, Weaves jumps out of the water like a humpback breaching the surface. Their unique sound truly cut through the static and transformed the room into an electric pulsating dance floor on Wednesday night. I couldn't help but think while standing there, “Wow I am never going to see this band in such a small venue ever again.” By the time they come back through Colorado, I’m convinced they will be performing a much larger circuit. Since the release of their self titled album, Weaves (2016), the band has shot up across music publication headlines and recently returned from playing SXSW.

Front boss lady Jasmyn Burke is reminiscent of eating a bag of sour patch kids. The experience starts with a shocking sour punch that turns into a sweet ending, slowly turning into an addictive candy fest as your tongue becomes completely raw. Just thinking about eating another bag makes your face sweat. It’s juicy. Burke’s bandmates certainly held their own on stage as equally talented and charismatic characters too. Morgan Waters (guitar) took an epic solo as he blew into his guitar soundholes, creating what sounded like a pretty wild and wonky pedal effect. Zach Bines (bass) was flaunting his excellent headbanging skills with his flower-decorated bass in tough competition with equally talented headbanger Spencer Cole (drums). This art-rock band is, raw, talented, and worth hopping on the train for. Do it and you’re cool.

Morgan Waters. 

Morgan Waters. 

Check out Weaves' most recent music video release for their song “Shithole” to see what I mean about their sweet and sour vibes:       



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