Review: A Calling West Release New Record, 'Space For Echoes'

By: Trevor Ryan

Matt Owen, also known as A Calling West, has just released his latest album, Space For Echoes. Indie rock based out of Boulder, CO, A Calling West is a relatively new project. Owen’s last release under the name was with his EP, Static, which was released in 2015.

The feel of Space for Echoes is pretty progressive. Starting out with a few very mellow, experimental tracks which are backed by a female vocalist, Matt and his instrumentals build with each tune. Every song gives you the sense of this specific build, which feels like it rockets upward on the upbeat vibes of “Her Name Is Summer” and then mellows out with the instrumental "Forest" before ending with the truly echoey at times "Climbing Trees."

There is a strong, independent-feel to the entire record, which was mixed and mastered at World Famous Studios in Lakewood, CO. It’s a very raw, yet well executed project that provides some of the best long-drive road trip tunes I’ve heard in awhile. At times it feels like an elaborate experiment with different sounds, down to the very pure, yet offbeat vocals that fade in and out of each track.

A Calling West, in short, definitely has my vote. Experimental music is thriving right now and if there is a local band that has the potential to grow this genre, it’s safe to say these guys are definitely in the running.

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