Bo DePeña Drops New Country Tune "The Weed and the Wine"

By: Allan Tellis

Hailing from Laredo, TX, singer/songwriter Bo DePeña recently relocated to Denver, CO, though this is a musician who has arguably lived in many a music city. After having spent time in Austin, NYC, and San Antonio, the mountains called and DePeña found himself in Colorado. After the release of his record There’s No Way Out of Here last November, DePeña has been gigging hard throughout the region to showcase his Americana and folk country sounds. Most recently, he released his single and music video for his track “The Weed and The Wine.”

Watch DePeña’s music video for “The Weed and The Wine”:

With a very classic country twang, Bo DePeña describes an all too familiar feeling of love and intoxication in this tune. “The Weed and the Wine” is a laid back soundtrack for anyone who may have experienced strong emotions for a potential partner, but can’t quite make out the cause after a night out. The song describes that feeling of every moment and touch seeming perfect, though it may just be those Mile High vices blurring the lines between love and reality.

Bo DePeña.

Bo DePeña.

The song itself is warm and hazy, and conjures up tones of affection and confusion, which fit the lyrical content spectacularly. The video is equally charming, simple, and familiar, with Bo and a lady friend imbibing in a living room interspersed with shots of DePeña singing. This song is definitely worth checking out, and might hit even more of a sweet spot if you indulge in such “grown up” activities.

Make sure to give this playful tune a listen and keep up with Bo and his massive tour schedule here.


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