Electric Guest Are On One Powerful Comeback Tour

By: Sierra Voss

Electric Guest stopped by the Bluebird Theater last weekend, offering up one last hurrah before the work week for Denver residents. The room was packed with excited fans, a surprising turnout for a Sunday night. Electric Guest had been on a five year hiatus, and it was clear via conversations floating around the room that the audience was excited and had been anticipating their return.

Electric Guest hail from Los Angeles, where they formed their band 11 years ago. They roll four deep, comprised of Asa Taccone (lead vocals), Matthew Compton (drums), Tory Dahlhoff (guitar and keys) and Todd Dahlhoff (bass). Prior to their most recent album Plural, the band had not released since their debut record Mondo in 2012. When Mondo hit the airwaves, they quickly fell into the swell of indie rock music emerging at the time. Just as the band began to rise in the ranks of indie bands, they disappeared for five years. So it made sense that the room at the Bluebird was buzzing in anticipation to see if these boys would pick up where they left off.

Watch Electric Guest’s music video for “Dear to Me”:

The band started the show with no sound. Lead singer Asa Taccone immediately took it as a cue to ask the audience questions, while the sound technicians got things squared away. Asa asked the audience if anyone had some weed. Leave it up to Denver to immediately respond by someone throwing a whole vial of weed directly at his face.   

Asa Taccone.

Asa Taccone.

I was pleasantly surprised by the band's unique sound and lively performance once things got started. Lead singer, Asa Taccone has some crazy-glorious vocals going on. About 80% of the time, he rocked out in his super-clear and powerful male falsetto. Chills. The show really picked up when the band dropped an old favorite, “This Head I Hold.” Audience members cried out after “Troubleman,” but to no avail; this particular song went unplayed. The band wrapped up their set just under the hour mark.

EG’s music has certainly evolved since 2012, taking a turn away from a full-bodied band to a more focused, electronic sound. Still, Electric Guest hold true to their funky, vintage, retro-groove vibe, the one that first caught the attention of American and European audiences five years ago.

Matthew Compton.

Matthew Compton.

Curious yourself as to where this band is headed on their path of return? Catch a show for yourself by snatching tickets here.


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