Bluegrass Outfit Mipso Hit Colorado With Four Shows & A New Record

By: Mirna Tufekcic

Mipso, the modern-day bluegrass band hailing from Chapel Hill, NC, have only been playing music together for five years, yet they’ve made a major splash in the world of indie Americana bluegrass. They’ve become a Colorado touring mainstay; this week they have shows in Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins, and Nederland. In other words, people really dig them.

Mipso. Photo Credit: Sasha Israel Photography

Mipso. Photo Credit: Sasha Israel Photography

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Jacob Sharp, the mandolin player and vocalist of the band, so here’s the lowdown on Mipso:

Your last album, 'Old Time Reverie' (2015), climbed to #1 on the Billboard Charts. How do you feel about the amount of success Mipso has been receiving since then?

It feels really natural. We became a band five years ago, after meeting in college at Chapel Hill. We realized our harmonies and music tastes aligned, so we went for it, and it’s worked out really well so far.

Your next album, 'Coming Down the Mountain' (2017), really demonstrates a new direction for Mipso sonically. Although you have roots in bluegrass, drums are incorporated and even electric guitar, along with the traditional string instrumentation you’ve been known for. Where do you guys draw your sonic inspirations from?

We’re a group of musicians with different backgrounds in music, and what we listen to, man, you should hear all the stuff we play on the bus when we’re on the road, but we’re all open-minded and can relate really well as musicians [to different types of music]. I’d say our music is very much influenced by the people around us and the stories and journeys we experience on the road.

Watch Mipso's new video for their cover of "Colorado Girl":

Mipso has so many Colorado gigs lined up for the week, that it’s clear you have a loving Colorado following. Are you excited to be back here?

We love Colorado! The crowds are always super warm and welcoming. People like to chill there and we really like to play there because we know it will be a great time every time.

So what should us Coloradoans expect when we head to a Mipso show this week?

It’s going to be fun, at least I really hope so. I know it will be for us, because Colorado really is one of our favorite places to play. We have a new drummer, and Joseph [Terrell] will play some electric guitar, and I’ll play guitar for the first time [live] too.

Make sure to catch one of Mipso’s upcoming shows this week; Gipsy Moon will share the stage! Tickets here.


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