A Night of Cosmically Cool Sounds with Denver's SIR

By: Jura Daubenspeck

Last Saturday, February 18th, Denver’s Lost Lake Lounge was bumping with the sounds of a few insanely eclectic artists: SF1, SIR, and Retrofette.

The place was packed full of dancing fools all coming together to catch their own respective buzz. Denver’s alternative hip-hop artist SF1 opened up the night with his bass-heavy beats, and the evening closed with the kooky synthpop-flavored group Retrofette. Sandwiched perfectly in between was the “sexy emotional rock pop” group SIR, made up of Sarah Angela (vocals/guitar), Kim O’Hara (bass/synth), and Luke Mehrens (drums).



I met up with the band at Cerebral Brewing for a beer prior to the show and chatted them up about their musical journey thus far. After we plopped down at our corner table, I quickly realized these were some of the friendliest, loveliest music folks around. They’re passionate about music, each other, and collaborations with other local musicians.

Gallery photos per Joel Rekiel.

“I moved out to Colorado six years ago because the music scene was so cool,” Sarah shared. “I saw very few female artists, which was weird because coming from Portland they’re everywhere. I linked up with Kim and met Luke one week after moving here, after seeing his band DELLA, who blew me away.”

After that, the band began writing songs together, starting off as “Sarah and The Meanies.”

“I always thought that name sounded like a high school punk band. It didn’t really fit our style then, and certainly doesn’t now.” Sarah laughed.

After some creative deliberation, the band came up with the name SIR.

“We liked SIR because it’s strong, cool and masculine, but also works for a female singer,” Sarah said.

“Yeah, we’re working off of the whole irony thing,” Luke added.

“It fit our style in a way, because our songs are emotional but also very in-your-face.” Sarah quipped.

Watching SIR perform onstage, this emotional, yet commanding vibe is definitely present. The three of them have such a palatable chemistry both on and off stage that makes you wonder if there are some other driving forces that brought them all together. They genuinely have a great time together, and that shows through their performances.

Watch SIR’s music video for “Go”:

In 2016, SIR released their single “Go,” which was recorded at Serenity West Studios in Los Angeles. “Go” carries a message that is simple, yet so relatable to anyone who occasionally needs to take a break from work and drift into the cosmic realm.

“We love to work hard and play hard,” Sarah said. “And part of playing hard is going to festivals together, coming back, and being inspired; asking ourselves what we learned from that festival. All of us have these busy lives that hold us down. But we’re the ones who let it hold us down from chasing our dreams. So that’s why we escape that for a bit and go to places where we can free ourselves.”

Sarah Angela of SIR. Photo Credit: Joel Rekiel of BLGBLKS MUsic

Sarah Angela of SIR. Photo Credit: Joel Rekiel of BLGBLKS MUsic

SIR is currently on their GO COLORADO tour, hitting up various Rocky Mountain hot spots. Saturday evening’s show was their second stop on this tour, and it’s safe to say it was a huge success.

Sarah’s soul-crushing, electrifying vocals, Kim’s groovy bass rhythms, and Luke’s hard-hitting drums make SIR more than just catchy music to the table. With influences ranging from West Coast hip-hop and rap, to Otis Redding-esque soul, their unique and otherworldly demeanor make them a must-see band.

Thankfully, SIR has got some piping hot new music dropping in the next few months. They’ll be releasing their newest single and music video “Hate and Darkness” this spring. In the meantime, catch them at one of their upcoming GO COLORADO shows and check out their music video for “Go” above.  


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