CITRA Release Two New Gritty, Rockin' Singles + A Music Video

By: Austin Michon

Denver’s CITRA recently released a new music video for their latest single, “Air.” The tune is an uptempo track dripping in angst set to a bright, alt-pop feel. Fueled by catchy, driving guitar riffs from Augie Menos, the track is filled with abrupt changes throughout, making it an exciting sonic ride. It clips along at a dancey, feel-good tempo featuring the dynamic voice of frontman Brandon Arndt and one intense, high-energy rhythm section (courtesy of Dan Naddy on drums and Sean Slattery on bass). The accompanying music video shows off an energetic and exciting stage performance by the group, who you can catch live at The Lost Lake Lounge on March 3rd with One Flew West.

Watch CITRA’s new music video for “Air”:

Along with “Air”, the band also released the primal-screaming B-side “My My Mind,” which has a much more bluesy sort of vibe. Full of rapid-fire vocal melody before it breaks into the loud, angry chorus and a ripping guitar solo, “My My Mind” really rocks out.

These two new tracks from CITRA present a more refined sound for the band since their 2016 debut “Ocean,” but both still retain the edge so vital to their sound. Gritty, dirty, edgy, yet catchy, a little grungy, and very original, we expect to hear these guys and their hard work appearing everywhere soon.

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