Pin Up’s New Video for “End of the Night” Gives You One More Reason to Wake Up In the Morning

By: Trevor Ryan

Pin Up, a pop rock band formed in Canada's city of Montreal, has released the video for their song “End of the Night,” and the general consensus is one of feel good vibes.

Consisting of a sweet blend of indie pop mixed with a little rock, Pin Up has successfully dominated the art of catchy tunes. After three years of what the band called “Artist Development” with engineer Bill Szawlowski, Pin Up officially released their debut self-titled EP in 2015. It is this record, along with the substantial touring that followed and the EP selling over 1K copies, that sent this band on their way to something special.

Watch Pin Up's "End of the Night":

The video for “End of the Night” is an artsy, yet visually gratifying depiction of two people coming together. The feel-good story line centers on Pin Up’s frontwoman Sam Martel, with stunning visuals and some risky angles.

Although the video focuses primarily on the band scene-wise, the story will no doubt keep you entertained with heartwarming scenes between members, conveying the tight-knit chemistry it truly takes to make a project thrive.

So, if you're looking to start your day off with a smile, definitely check out Pin Up. With a sound like this and a majorly growing online fan base, you'll likely be hearing of this group soon.

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