Drown Your Sorrows In Hartwick Pines' Sophomore EP 'Melancholia'

By: Mirna Tufekcic

Got the case of a heavy, blue heart? Hartwick Pines’ EP Melancholia is here to help.  

Hartwick Pines.

Hartwick Pines.

Cozy up to some indie, angsty rock by listening to Hartwick Pines’ latest EP Melancholia. It’s four songs sharp enough to rip through that heartache of yours, just enough for you to feel it, because you weren’t feeling it enough already. I don’t know about you, but when I’m sad and broken, this music fills my hollow heart and I crave it.

Listen to Melancholia:

Hartwick Pines, an indie rock duo comprised of Ryan Menghini and Brandon Buttner based in Los Angeles, released the sophomore EP late last year. It’s perfect for a somber day, preferably overcast and rainy. In other words, don’t listen to this when you’re ecstatic, ready to blow with expendable energy. It won’t work.

Purposefully titled Melancholia, this EP takes your hand and leads you to a place of solitude and introspection, conjuring up loneliness and heartache of love past. The ambient undertones and the airy vocals let you feel like you’re floating, giving you a sense of safety to let go and take up space so that you can experience and feel those uncomfortable places within, without getting claustrophobic.

Being an EP, it’s a short, four-song journey, but it leaves a mark nonetheless. Check out the band’s Facebook page to stay tuned on upcoming shows and such.


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