Denver Alt-Rock Band Innerspace Drop New Space Video for "Deathwish"

By: Trevor Ryan

Innerspace, an alternative rock band from Denver, CO, has released their official video for “Deathwish,” and the powerful inspiration behind it isn't the only thing that’ll keep your ears close to these guys.



Fronted by vocalist Spencer Roberts, Innerspace is an experimental group with heavy alternative/progressive influences packed into one powerhouse of a project. We saw most of these influences shine in their debut album Voyager, released last November, with its intricate instrumentals in heavy distortion, accompanied by euphoric breakdowns, and topped off by powerful melodic wails.

Watch Innerspace’s music video for “Deathwish”:

The video for “Deathwish” depicts a heartwarming story, beginning with a young boy and his pursuit to explore the stars above, and ending with what could be interpreted as the tragic loss of his father or older brother, a real-life explorer. We follow the boy throughout the story as he prepares for an intergalactic mission fueled by pure ambition, and a little cardboard. The viewer can expect a rollercoaster of emotions as one delves into the eyes of this ambitious, yet grieving child.

Perspective though, does come in the end, as the backdrop behind Innerspace as they play live begins to display photos of “fallen explorers,” a visual dedication to those who have ventured into space and never returned. There is also tribute made to “those we left behind,” as well as to the innovators of tomorrow.

In short, the video brings a message for us to continue to dream, to explore, and most importantly, to cherish those who support our ambitions always. Make sure to check out the video above, and be sure to follow Innerspace for all happenings on their Facebook, including their upcoming show at The Moon Room. 


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