Psych Rock & Multimedia Project King Eddie To Release New Record 'Holographic Universe'

By: Norman Hittle

King Eddie, a denver-based psychedelic rock and VR multimedia project, is preparing to release their second full-length album, Holographic Universe, this Friday, November 17th.

King Eddie.

King Eddie.

Holographic Universe was recorded at Moon Magnet Studios in Denver and marks the band’s first full length release since 2015’s King Eddie (self-titled) release.


The band’s charge, led by Jay Mars (guitar and vocals), is further filled out by guitarist Benjamin Buttice, bassist Velvet Adams, and drummer Linton Wright. King Eddie’s sound is reminiscent of some of the more lo-fi Britpop concepts of the late 70’s mixed with perhaps a touch of Tame Impala’s signature modern version of psychedelic rock.

Regarding what Holographic Universe represents, singer and guitarist Jay Mars told BolderBeat: “[The record] is a concept album about reconciling human vulnerability and the depth of your own experience with what quantum science and ancient religions tells us is true- ‘reality’ is an illusion. It's loosely based around virtual reality and the futurism of Philip K Dick and Westworld.”

Jay Mars.

Jay Mars.

The Holographic Universe release party will feature Kyle Emerson, Panther Martin, and DeCollage (DJ set), along with live virtual reality visuals from the DenVR collective. Check out this fully immersive experience at their album release show this Saturday, November 18th at the Hi-Dive in Denver, CO. Event details and tickets here!


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