This Denver Company Is Connecting The Traveling Music Community One Overnight Stay At A Time

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Colin Bultinck’s business idea started where many great ones do: at a music festival.

Bonnaroo was one of the first things that inspired me to be a musician.” Colin recently told us, with his first trek to the fest’s Manchester stomping grounds being back in 2015 (Kendrick Lamar headlined that year ICYMI).

“People are so positive there and there were so many people who had traveled from all over the place to be there. That’s when I realized friends were staying in hotels, camping, and looking for places to spend the night near the festival.” Bultinck said, “And that’s when I was surprised that there wasn’t something already like this.”

By this, Bultinck means his company Rock n Doze, an online site where users can book a room for a night similar to Airbnb, but with a heavy music focus.


“I’ve been a lifelong musician and though I’ve never gone on tour, I have a lot of friends who have. Being involved in the music community, I know it’s a struggle for traveling musicians to find a place to stay, and better yet, to practice. I know touring bands who have stayed in their cars or at someone’s apartment who they met at their show. And I know bands who find themselves inspired on the road wishing they could play once they get to their destination, but don’t have the option.” Bultinck said, “Then there are also the fans. I’ve traveled to four Airbnbs specifically for concerts and music events this past year. Rock n Doze brings this entire music community together.”

Much like Airbnb, anyone can book a room for the night on Rock n Doze and anyone can host a room or home. But users are also encouraged to talk music! If hosts have a studio or practice space, they can include that with their room for rent. If they have gear available for use, they can market that as well. Fans can also book with Rock n Doze and expect to have a host who is more knowledgeable about the local music scene than your average Airbnb-er.

Colin Bultinck. 

Colin Bultinck. 

“Before I moved to Denver, I stayed at an Airbnb. I wanted to find a city where the music scene was supportive of local artists so I shared my story with the host and asked about looking at local music spots that I’d be able to play if I moved here. The host didn’t know any music venues. They were right down on South Broadway by Hi-Dive and 3 Kings! I was surprised that Denver could be such a big music city, but they had no idea where the local spots were. That’s when I realized that whether you’re a musician, a tech on tour, or a fan, there should be something to further connect the traveling music community.”

Hence the birth of Rock n Doze, which is currently available in several music markets with a focus on the Denver and Front Range music scenes. The site is currently in its first stages, with a full launch planned around the start of festival season. Still, it’s already seeing business.

“At my house, I offer a studio space with a drum kit and mics and amps. I had a band who stayed at my house recently, and I jammed out with them for a little bit,” Bultinck said, “This could open up opportunities for home concerts, ride-sharing for fans, and even connecting with potential fans on a more personal level if you’re a hosting band.”


Local industry players can also advertise services on the site- concert photographers, street teams, and other promotional show services are already available for booking.

Which brings us to the dough. Rock n Doze takes only 5% of fees for services and spots booked, which is less than competitor Airbnb. Just one conversation with Colin will tell you that while he wants to grow the business, the goal of Rock n Doze goes far beyond profit margins.

“We offer bands a cheap place to stay and play, and fans a place to meet other music-lovers.” Bultinck said, “[Rock n Doze] is meant to support and connect an industry that really needs it. I honestly think it’s the future of the traveling music community.”

Check out more from Rock n Doze and book a room for yourself here.


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