Too Many Humans Releasing New Record 'You're On Your Own'

By: Norman Hittle

I first came across Too Many Humans a couple years ago through mutual friend and sound engineer Chris Andrews over at Monument Sound Studios. Chris was wrapping up mixing their debut record Who’s in Charge Here?. When I heard some of the tunes in progress, I was stunned that there was such talented rock in Denver, and naturally have followed them closely ever since.

Check out their video premiere for “M.F.”:

Coming full circle to the present, Too Many Humans is about to release their second record You’re on Your Own. Unlike their debut album, this one seems to have a more mature and somber focus, yet just like the first record, the hard rock talent is still in full throttle.

Check out their vid for “You’re on Your Own”:

The band’s ability to churn through a series of genres in one song is inspiring, and their ability to cycle through varying concepts while keeping each song fresh is amazing. One moment they’ll be chugging out some 1990’s era TOOL sounding post-rock; the next they’re hitting their stride with some epic early MUSE inspired progressive rock, and the next they’re thrashing out hard rock with technical guitars and huge groove-laden drums with nods to bands like Avenged Sevenfold.

Too Many Humans.

Too Many Humans.

Though the band is keeping You're on Your Own close to the chest until release day, I can tell you the music is well written and well produced. If you like either of the above videos, then there will be plenty more for you to like when the rest of the songs come out.

Keep up with Too Many Humans and their forthcoming record release on all social media. Also, check out their album release show at Lost Lake Lounge November 17th with CITRA, Vicoda, and HR People. Event details here!


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