Review: ANGLS Release Debut Self-Titled EP Of Produced Pop

By: Andrew Wright

When musicians come together and make great music, it’s truly a blessing for the local music scene in which they’re in. If you are a fan of electropop touching on a multitude of themes, from summer dance pieces to heavier, more brooding subjects, check out ANGLS.



Ellipsis, who is also a producer, teamed up with Norman Hittle (Hydrogen Skyline) in 2015 after having crossed paths a few times before in the Denver scene. When they combined their talents, they found themselves experimenting with cool, dancey synth vibes for a fun and enticing sound that is for more than just the summer parties you’ll instantly imagine yourself at while listening to them.


Just recently, ANGLS released their debut record, which holds five tracks and is self-titled. My personal favorite on the EP is “Heroes,” which has a more somber tone to it. It definitely reminded me of Imagine Dragons, but with a darker subject matter. If you’re looking for something more upbeat, “Puppet” might be more your style. Though it feels like it’s about heartbreak, it’s catchy and groovin’. It’s the type of track to make you burst into dance, whether you’re in the middle of the club or at home in your bedroom.

ANGLS will definitely be on my radar for future music. Keep up with the band here.


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