Colorado Bluegrass Outfit Thunder And Rain To Debut New Record At The Buffalo Rose (11/11)

By: Trevor Ryan

Bluegrass and folk hitmakers Thunder and Rain just dropped their new record Start Believing, and they’re rocking The Buffalo Rose tomorrow night with jazzy folk slingers Masontown. Formed after a summer of the busking life in Seattle in 2011, mandolinist Peter Weber, and vocalist Erin Peet-Lukes would soon become Colorado’s Thunder and Rain, releasing their debut album Hollar Out, and establishing themselves successfully among the Colorado bluegrass scene.


Start Believing marks a first for Thunder and Rain, as it’s their debut full-length record as a collective band. The title track, “Start Believing,” is a powerfully emotional track with smooth open-sounding instrumentals of piercing fiddle riffs and awe-inspiring finger picking. These sounds are accompanied by the lyrical wit and incredibly melodic vocals of Peet-Lukes, who proclaims catchy one liners like, “Soul is the coal that keeps us burnin’.”


Make sure to catch this bluegrass outfit tomorrow, November 11th at The Buffalo Rose with Masontown. Tickets can be found right here.


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