Public Safety Kept It Rowdy At Your Mom's House

By: Nathan Sheppard

Although Your Mom’s House isn’t the biggest venue in Denver, it was filled with the same amount of excitement and energy as any of The Mile High’s larger venues likely were last weekend. Best of all- the lineup for last Friday’s show was all local.

People came early to listen to the freestyle jam band Chompers, who set the mood and helped everyone put on their dancing shoes. Next up was Mad Wallace, who kept the freestyle vibes flowing with their impressive improvisation. And finally, with the crowd warmed up and packed in, Denver’s Public Safety took the stage with an equal amount of excitement.

Public Safety.

Public Safety.

Public Safety combined rock with soul and a little bit of country to create something that everyone grooved along with. Lead singer Bear Buscher kept the crowd engaged while the rest of the band- Jimmy Jeter (guitar), Ethan Desmond (bass), and Tim Kane (drums)- pumped out funky tunes. The catchy lyrics and exceptional musicianship of this headlining four-piece created a memorable live experience that I’d definitely catch again.

Check out Public Safety’s most recent self-titled EP here and make sure to catch the band for yourself by checking their tour schedule.


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