DELVR Deliver New Meaning To Performing Live With Twitch Streaming Shows

By: Norman Hittle

In the ever-changing music world, technology is often the first step of evolution where the industry may never again be the same. It's at these times that those willing to take a riskier path oftentimes become the pioneers of the latest cutting edge, and thus define their artistic careers as foundations of a new era in the music scene.

Enter Delvr, a Colorado Springs duo who write indie electro tunes. Now, there’s nothing wholly unique about the music they write; in fact their sound could be compared to Interpol, LCD Soundsystem, and The Postal Service. However, this duo doesn't present their music in traditional venue/bar gigs, but instead writes and performs all of their music live streaming via Twitch.

But before we get into all that, check out their debut record Dangerous, released September 12th:

We’ve all heard of live streaming and probably have caught a few glimpses of bands trying it out on Facebook, but the difference is Delvr uses live streaming as their only performance platform. In fact, while many local bands are averaging about 3-5 shows a month (if they're lucky), Delvr is averaging 3-5 live streams a week! And people are watching!

A Delvr show is not just a couple guys lounging in their basement either- it's a full on production complete with lighting and choreographed camera angles. But don't take my word for it, check it out:

The guys in Delvr are no strangers to making music prior to this project. Singer/guitarist Mark Young comes from years playing in punk, indie, and electropop bands such as Hydrogen Skyline, while drummer and synthesist Gabriel Duggin has years of experience as a producer and DJ in his former project Ralegun. Their prior knowledge combined with their fully produced showmanship pays off, as at present they are boasting nearly 900 subscribers with over 10,000 collective views on their streams in only six months of performances.



Singer/guitarist, Mark told BolderBeat: “Playing live music is what I love to do and live to do. Prior to streaming I couldn't imagine anything being better than packing my gear up and playing shows at whatever venues my bands could book. And that was always hit or miss with attendance. With streaming, Delvr can perform any night of the week without hauling a single piece of gear, and have a least dozen to a hundred active viewers at any one time.”

Live streaming is an innovative way to modify the traditional band performance. Though the benefits of going to a venue and getting the full experience may still be preferable to fans, live streaming helps those of us who want to watch a band’s performance, but can't due to schedules and/or kids (aka, getting old). And streaming is fully interactive, allowing you to message the band in real time in a chat while they're playing- sometimes they even respond!

Keep posted on Delvr and their continuing progress in this new era of performing music by checking their streaming schedule and following them here!


All photos, videos, and embedded tracks per the artists featured and those credited. This feature was edited for brevity and clarity by BolderBeat.