Overslept Kick Off Fall Tour With Intimate Denver Show

By: Nathan Sheppard

Overslept kicked off their fall tour at Hi-Dive in Denver recently, and it felt a lot like an intimate house party. The Hi-Dive was packed early for the opening acts Post/War, Never Let This Go (who will be touring with Overslept for a couple of weeks), and Evinair.



Overslept finally took the stage and rocked it from the start; their high energy was infectious and had the whole crowd singing along and dancing with them. Their stage presence speaks to the experience of a seasoned, more mainstream band, one who keep the crowd engaged with a performance to remember while interacting with them between songs as well. 

Overslept are heading East for the rest of their tour, which includes a stop in Florida to play Fest, a multi-day underground music festival that hosts hundreds of bands. The guys will wrap up their tour in Oklahoma on November 4th, so stay tuned for future Denver shows following!

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