Review: Son and Cynic's Alt Rock Record 'Wherever I Am' Is A Solid Debut

By: Nathan Sheppard

Denver band Son and Cynic released their debut EP this past May, and it is a must listen!

Wherever I Am is the self-recorded EP from this up and coming indie rock band founded by Cayla Shortley (vocals) and Brian Obernesser (guitar). This album combines different musical elements to create an EP that you will want to listen to on repeat.  

Oddly enough Brian and Cayla are both from North Carolina but didn’t meet until moving to Denver; the band formed shortly after in 2016. The two turned to crowdfunding and the help of family and friends to release the EP, which was mixed and mastered by Kevin Chipman of LCMasters back in North Carolina. After a successful fundraising campaign they were able to film a music video for their single “Get Away,” followed by the EP release May 19th.

Son and Cynic.

Son and Cynic.

The EP starts with “The Arrival,” which showcases Son and Cynic’s unique style. Starting out with a slower folk-like intro and Cayla’s haunting and hypnotizing melodic voice, you’re then hit with solid guitar riffs that you can jam out to. It’s the perfect intro to this great EP. “Dead of Night” is another solid track with a spacey, indie sound that is really novel and really showcases Son and Cynic’s versatility and musical talent. The record finishes with “Cold Fever,” which is one of my favorite tracks. It’s one of the more “poppy” songs, but is really catchy; something that I think makes a great tune. Overall this is a well done debut for Son and Cynic and I look forward to seeing where they go from here and what they have in store for the future.

You can listen to “Wherever I Am” everywhere music is available. Catch the band live this month, November 25th at The Marquis with Evinair, Wolf Poets, and Gestalt and keep up with Son and Cynic here.


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