MLIMA Maintains Fresh “Mountain Groove” on New Self-Titled EP

By: Elizabeth Lee

Colorado’s Denver-based premier jazz fusion ensemble MLIMA are back with their long-awaited first album, a record which has been over a year in the making. The group have been going interstellar in the Rocky Mountain music scene since their start in 2012 with their funky, space-jazz sounds. Their self-titled debut album is their first collection of seven studio tracks which they wrote, recorded, and produced together. The six-piece band is comprised of Jessica Jones (lead vocals), Zach Simms (saxophone/vocals), Lance Croucher (drums), Jack Breitenbach (percussion), Jeph Kennedy (guitar/vocals), and Ryan Thrush (bass). The group also brought in Ben Rafferty on keyboard for this album.

Listen to MLIMA’s new record:

MLIMA does not disappoint on their debut, delivering a cohesive collection of tracks that show off their patented “mountain groove” sound. The record takes the listener on a sonic journey, which is fitting for their psych funk vibes. The album is a balanced mix of jazzy, smooth brass mixed with funky, swinging rhythms and soulful vocals. Tracks such as “Sunshine” (the debut single from the release) and “Booty” are playful and showcase MLIMA’s ability to get audiences dancing, while others like “Outro” and “Stank” deliver musical talent with soaring guitar riffs and vocal solos.


We’re excited to see what’s next for one of Denver’s most unique and talented ensembles! Be sure to catch their magic live by getting yourself to one of their upcoming shows.

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