Summit Music Hall To Host Neon Masq 2017 This Weekend (10/20)

By: Nathan Sheppard

Summit Music Hall will host Neon Masq, a masquerade concert/art experience featuring black-lighted murals, face painters, aerial performances, and local bands/DJs, one of which is Adrienne O. The indie-pop band was founded by Adrienne Osborn who is a former software designer, and decided to make a major career change to become a musician.  


Shortly after being founded in 2012, Adrienne O started gaining a following by playing different fairs and festivals in the Denver area. Osborn uses her previous life experiences as inspiration for the lyrics and music to encourage listeners to chase their dreams as well. Through this honest approach, emotional performances, and powerful sound, Adrienne O have been gaining more exposure and popularity through radio and headlining appearances. Neon Masq will be a unique experience that you won’t want to miss, with a show by Adrienne O that will show off both the band's passion and musicianship this Friday.

You can find tickets for the show here and for more details about Neon Masq here.


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