Review: Teen Ravine Returns With Extracorporeal Single “Hall of Horrors”

By: Shivain Chopra

Releasing their second single, “Hall of Horrors,” Canadian pop duo Teen Ravine continue to impress with their diverse talents, both instrumentally and vocally.

At first listen, the track gives off a Bon Iver-like vibe, but listen closely and it becomes clear that there is more to it. “Hall of Horrors” has a much more mellow vibe than the band’s debut single “Friend of a Friend.” The use of electronically manufactured tones and distortion, in tandem with the punchy bass line and an alternative rock beat, bring this song to life. That being said, the song is also smooth and slow, and could best be compared to Glass Animals. Both share soothing vocals over a well-synched orchestra of instruments and precisely picked digital filtering.

Listen to “Hall of Horrors”:

To confine the music of Teen Ravine to one particular sound is tough, because it encompasses various different musical ideals, but “Hall of Horrors” could be said to be a part of the more recent psychedelic pop music genre. This goes hand-in-hand with what the duo state to be their goal with making music. Said Teen Ravine, "We want to make music that feels like you're floating in a warm bath occasionally looking down at your weird naked body." It’s evident after listening to their newest single that Teen Ravine are working toward making music that not only affects the listener’s conscious state, but also their subconscious.

Teen Ravine.

Teen Ravine.

Overall, the soft but powerful vocals, diverse instrumental sections, and wonderful sound production come together to create something that is as much of an immersive experience as it is a piece of music on Teen Ravine’s “Hall of Horrors.”

Look out for a full-length album from Teen Ravine this October, as they continue their rise through the world of music.

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