Timid, the Brave's Newest Single "Alice" Touches on Love, Mortality, & Fighting Through It All

By: Jura Daubenspeck

Ontario-born singer/songwriter Timid, the Brave just released his newest LP “Alice,” the first single from his upcoming album Firesale, which drops February 24th.

Since 2012, member Tim Selles has been creating acoustically-driven music that is moody, calming, and dreamy. Folks that enjoy musicians like Iron & Wine, Sufjan Stevens, and José González will certainly find Timid, the Brave’s music pleasing to the ears.

Tim Selles of Timid, the Brave.

Tim Selles of Timid, the Brave.

“Alice” is Timid, the Brave’s first release since iTunes named his debut self-titled album one of the best of 2012, and Selles’ has definitely made a wonderful comeback with the release of “Alice.” The haunting vocals and steady tempo stick with you, and intertwine themselves into you long after you’ve listened to the song.

This single touches on Selles’ personal experience with mortality, and pushing through the barriers that accompany it. Here’s what Selles had to say about the story behind “Alice”:

“I wrote ‘Alice’ several years ago after my grandmother passed away. After her funeral, there was this really bizarre moment in my grandparent’s apartment when my grandfather called us all upstairs to their bedroom. He had laid out all of her old jewelry on their bed and we took turns selecting pieces of the jewelry. I chose a piece that really stood out to me: a necklace with a single leaf that had been dipped in gold. That image connected with me; the idea that something so fragile and temporary could be clothed in something so valuable and enduring, that our lives hold extraordinary meaning despite their impermanence. That’s the image the song was born out of. It’s a song about love and life and death, and finding a way to fight through the varying levels of devastation that we all experience.”

So if you’re looking for some mid-week feels, then give Timid, the Brave’s “Alice” a listen:

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