The Lollygags Release New Self-Titled EP of Feel-Good, Upbeat Rock

By: Austin Michon

On their latest self-titled EP, Denver band The Lollygags find a mature sound, reminiscent of classic rock for the modern era. Catchy, feel-good, upbeat rock and roll is the name of the game for this new release. The new lineup of Jonathan Snyder (vocals/guitar), JT Nething (vocals/guitar), Austin Rosen (drums), and Brian A.C (bass) creates a departure from the raw feeling of their 2014 release, People I Know.

According to Snyder, “Unlike that album, this time around I didn't have to play everything. Back then the band was just me and a rotating cast of characters. This time around there was more of a solid lineup and we'd been playing together for a while.” It shows. In 2017, they have crafted a refined, dirty sound that is reserved, yet edgy, and something completely unique.

Unapologetically memorable guitar riffs drive the pace of this EP, while the rhythm section creates a strong foundation, and a relaxed, yet urgent vocal line slithers in and out of the tracks. Ranging from fast paced groovy numbers (“Just Like the Rest of Them,” “Beneath the Floor”) to slower ballads (“As Hardcore as It Gets”) to Southern rock-inspired slow jams (“Drown”), the band presents something for anyone who likes good music and wants to forget the troubles of the world for a bit.

The five songs from Lollygags’ newest EP take the listener on a journey of infectious grooves through the many influences that create a blend of garage, Southern, classic, and indie rock that will make your toes tap and your head nod. Playing shows since 2011, the band has created quite a following, and the band’s upcoming shows to support their new music will surely not disappoint. Make sure to catch them at Denver’s Hard Rock Cafe this Friday, February 3rd, and keep up with their other gigs here.


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