One Flew West Drop Two New Singles + Headline Release Parties

By: Austin Michon

Hailing from Longmont, CO, One Flew West was formed in 2010. Their unique brand of folk-inspired, catchy rock in conjunction with their entertaining live shows have earned them a place as a force to be reckoned with in the Colorado music scene. Currently consisting of lead singer/songwriter/guitarist Linden Jackson, lead guitarist/singer David DiSalvo, bassist Dawson Fry, and drummer Jonah Bartels, One Flew West has performed at 93.3’s Big Gig, Hometown for the Holidays, and Kegs and Eggs, as well as received a Westword Music Award.



On March 3rd and 4th, OFW will be hosting two release shows for their upcoming singles, “All In My Head” and “Ten Years Later.” Continuing the trend set by their sophomore EP Selective Memory, the band’s new tunes are dynamic compositions ranging from soft, acoustic intimacy to big, powerful rock and roll sounds with catchy guitar riffs and introspective lyrics carried out in a warm, emotional voice.

“All In My Head” begins with an acoustic, folky, feel-good intro before it transitions to a look into a young relationship, one rife with various problems brought about by the dark, nagging feelings found in the protagonist’s mind, and his battle with these thoughts in order to maintain this relationship. Besides the incredibly infectious whistling motif present, the song and lyrics create a wonderful, catchy rock anthem which fans will latch onto as, if not more, quickly than their breakout hit “Kind of Love.”

In contrast  “Ten Years Later” is a slow, acoustic ballad which brings our attention to thoughts and memories of someone estranged and long gone. While Jackson admits he had a specific relationship in mind while writing the piece, the meaning is universal, one that any listener can easily identify with. According to Jackson, “Everyone has someone they wish were still around and when you peel back the skin, ‘Ten Years Later’ is simply about missing someone you care deeply about.” Longtime fans will notice a call back to the more folky sounds reminiscent of One Flew West’s debut EP Through the Winter’s Ground, while still maintaining the forward progress in songwriting and sound that OFW have been crafting.

As One Flew West continue their musical and lyrical experimentation and progress, the quality does not falter, but rather, continues to grow and strengthen. Be sure to catch them at their upcoming March shows at the Lost Lake Lounge (with Citra and Overslept) and at Downtown Artery (with Ivory Circle and Silver & Gold), and watch for more OFW news because “there are rumblings of a super secret listening party, summer tour, and much more in store from the Colorado-natives in 2017.”


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