J.W. Schuller Will Bring a Smile to Your Face This Weekend (01/27)

By: Hannah Oreskovich

J.W. Schuller is a Boulder transplant by way of Minneapolis who claims himself a singer/songwriter, and plays with a sense of humor. Take for example Schuller’s weekly “riffs,” which start with guitar noodling and end in total randomness. Or his recent video timely released around the inauguration, “When I’m President”:

But beyond Schuller’s subtle comedic relief, he’s also a talented guitar player and vocalist who has played “in bars and old folks’ homes” across the country. And this Friday, January 27th, J.W. Schuller is bringing said talents to Boulder’s The No Name Bar.

Said Schuller, “I’m especially excited for this show because it will be my first gig with my nephew, Jens Larsen, on drums. He’s a talented kid in his uncle’s totally unbiased opinion.”

J.W. Schuller.

J.W. Schuller.

So make sure to stop by The No Name this Friday at 10PM for laughs, liquor, and lots of tunes from J.W. Schuller! We know we’ll be there. This show is free; keep up with J.W. here.


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