Premiere: Dallas Thornton's "Beauty By Firelight" Music Video

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Boulder born and bred musician, producer, and filmmaker Dallas Thornton dropped his newest music video for the song “Beauty By Firelight” today and we’re premiering it here for you! “Beauty By Firelight” is the third track from Thornton’s story-album In Case It Rains. The video features Thornton walking through the graffitied alley-stalls of a fish market in Rome, Italy while baring his musical soul to the audience with nothing but his voice and his guitar.

Said Thornton, “My good friend and videographer Karim and I had been traveling Europe for four months filming a yet-to-be-released traveling documentary series called ‘My Key to Happy’ and decided to put our camera to some artistic use while in Rome.”

Watch Thornton’s music video for “Beauty By Firelight”:

When asked about the meaning behind “Beauty By Firelight” Thornton told us, “It’s about that strange human desire to wet one’s tongue on something poisonous.”

Thornton graduated from Berklee College of Music last May, where he studied modern production, writing for orchestra and big band, and scoring for visual media. He then spent the summer of 2016 filming his doc series across Greece, Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, and Lebanon. Upon his return to his hometown of Boulder and the local music scene, Thornton said, “I was never involved with my community while growing up around here, but while traveling I learned how important community is; to find your tribe. Moving back now, I feel like I have a second chance to connect with other local creatives and create that sense of community that was always lacking [for me] before.”

Dallas Thornton.

Dallas Thornton.

Thornton’s entire album In Case It Rains is available on his website for download by donation. Said Thornton, “[It’s] an indie-rock concept album. It’s an internal monologue in the head of the protagonist told in the first person, exploring the roots of unhappiness and how to find peace of mind. I wrote each song independently of one another at various phases in my own search for happiness over the course of a rough, three-year transition period.”

Make sure to give In Case It Rains a listen for yourself, and check out Thornton’s video for “Beauty By Firelight” above. To learn more about Thornton’s other creative projects, visit his website. And to catch him playing local shows, click here.


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