Living Room Live's Next House Show Is Coming Up

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Who doesn’t love a killer house show? Comfy couches, soft lighting, and getting the chance to meet other locals as into the scene as you are… at least that’s how Living Room Live sets up their gigs, and lucky for you, they’ve got one on the way. Saturday, February 11th, LRL is throwing a house show featuring Jay Nash and The Contenders and Andrew Sturtz.

Andrew Sturtz.

Andrew Sturtz.

Boulder sing/songwriter Andrew Sturtz is well known for his soulful pop work both solo and in groups like Constellation Collective. He spent 2016 weaving his way into the local music scene and is currently working on an album slated for a spring release. He’s the first opening act that Living Room Live has hosted, so obviously, he’s dope.

Jay Nash & Josh Day.

Jay Nash & Josh Day.

Headliner Jay Nash’s music “is like the river that raised him- strong and deep with a little bit of lullaby and a big damn current.” Nash has been a touring rock troubadour for years now, performing over a thousand live shows and sharing stages with everyone from Counting Crows to Sara Bareilles to Katy Perry. In this project, Josh Day joins Nash onstage bringing a “percussive virtuosity” to the duo’s sound.

Check out Jay Nash’s “Barcelona” live:

Living Room Live’s February 11th show starts at 7PM, but there’s an optional potluck at 545PM (yum!). Tickets are only $25 and can be purchased here. There are only a few tickets left, so make sure to get yours and check out this awesome night!


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