The Velveteins' "Don't Yah Feel Better?" Music Video Is Teeming with Good Vibes

By: Jura Daubenspeck

Edmonton’s indie rock group The Velveteins have been steady releasing hits, including their dreamy and moody surf rock EP A Hot Second with The Velveteins. The band, comprised of Spencer Morphy (vocals/guitar), Addison Hiller (percussion), and Dean Kheroufi (bass), recently premiered their music video for the upbeat, playful tune “Don’t Yah Feel Better?” In these snowy winter months when the warmth of summer feels like a distant memory, this song swoops in, twirls you around, and envelopes you in its delightful rhythm.

Watch the “Don’t Yah Feel Better?” video:

The message of “Don’t Yah Feel Better?” is simple and colorful, as is the music video’s aesthetic. Its “stop and smell the roses” feel assures its listeners that everything they need is already at their fingertips, they just have to take a moment and listen for it. The retro-style video stars a pair of singing lips (vaguely reminiscent of The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s opening song), as well as other cut-out images of drums, guitars, and maracas. The music video’s director Evangeline Belzile shared:

"The song itself is simple and carefree so I didn’t want to create anything with a complex storyline or narrative. I had been interested in using a green screen to cut out specific body parts for a while and had also been interested in altering 16mm film. When the band asked me to create a visual component for ‘Don’t Yah Feel Better?’, I knew that pairing the two would complement their aesthetic."
The Velveteins.

The Velveteins.

In a world of increasing complexity, slowing down and reminding yourself of life’s enchantments is a necessary practice. So if you’re ever feeling blue, just turn on The Velveteins’ latest hits and dance yourself into the light! There, don’t you feel better?

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