Drive-By Truckers Told Denver Some of the American Stories That Need to Be Heard

By: Sierra Voss

Drive-By Truckers graced Denver’s Ogden Theatre stage this past weekend, performing a double show Friday and Saturday nights. And for those of you who don’t know Drive-By Truckers, it's time you become acquainted. The band has been making waves in the national music scene this past year, and rightfully so.

Drive-By Truckers have taken on the difficult, but needed duty of being a mirror for America. This band crafts the stories the country needs to hear. They speak to citizen’s frustrations with our government's treatment of its peoples by pairing their storytelling with incredible musical talent in a dynamic showcase of song structure and blending of popular genres. Their approach packages a much needed expression and interpretation of the world around us in a digestible sound for audience members. The band blends rock, folk and Americana flares in various combinations throughout their discography. They have truly made a record representative of this moment in history.

Drive-By Truckers are celebrating their twentieth year as a band. This epic group of Alabama and Georgia natives is made up of band members Patterson Hood (lead vocals/guitar), Mike Cooley (lead vocals/guitar), Brad Morgan (drums), Jay Gonzalez (keys/guitar/backing vocals), and Matt Patton (bass guitar/backing vocals). Their most recent album, American Band is their eleventh record, stacked with one heroic song after the next, including fan favorites; “What It Means,” “Ramon Casiano,” and “Guns Of Umpqua.” The album is no doubt a powerful one. Many, if not all, of its stories grab your heart with haunting lyrics and descriptions of our society at large:

He was running down the street/when they shot him in his tracks. About the only thing agreed upon/is he ain't coming back. There won't be any trial/so the air it won't be cleared.”

Drive-By Truckers will be touring the US for the remainder of January and February, followed by a European tour in March. If you have a chance to catch them live, do it! Their album is worth a deep exploration; listen here now.


All photos per the author. This feature was edited for brevity and clarity by BolderBeat.