Good Vibes Only with Innovative Producer and Artist Jai Wolf

Jai Wolf at The Fox Theatre.

Jai Wolf at The Fox Theatre.

Incoming electronic artist Jai Wolf sold out The Fox Theatre last Friday in what was the first show of his debut headlining tour. At only 23 years old, New York-based producer Jai Wolf (Sajeeb Saha) has been rising quite rapidly, with some of his tracks reaching over 20 million streams. Wolf’s popularity stems from his ability to mix various genres into his music, avoiding the traditional model of DJ sets. He remixes everything from rap to pop and electronic music. He fuses his ethereal beats with those “already feelgood” songs, producing something entirely new. His classical music background, along with splitting his childhood between New York and Bangladesh, results in the refreshing sound that is Jai Wolf. And in Boulder this weekend, his excitement to play was evident, as he had The Hill in its entirety bumping for his whole set.

"For Jai Wolf, my face is not the most important thing because it’s music first.  "

"For Jai Wolf, my face is not the most important thing because it’s music first."

Listen to Jai Wolf’s “Indian Summer”:

In an interview with The Michigan Daily, Saha said,

I think the cool thing about electronic music is the listeners are some of the most open-minded people. For Jai Wolf, my face is not the most important thing because it’s music first."

I can attest to this fact first hand. There were nothing but positive vibes at JW’s show. As I maneuvered my way through the twirling members of the crowd, people parted without any arguments. Smiles were smeared across the faces of every audience member, with hands held high in praise of his spinning, happy beats. There was no doubt that the fans in attendance appreciated his music. He played some house favorites, such as his remix of Skrillex’s “Ease My Mind” and the notable track, “Indian Summer”. The recognition of these songs exploded amongst the fans. Along with his popular tracks, he managed to drop some new music and remixes, including one off Kanye’s The Life Of Pablo, “I Love Kanye”.

Hands Up.

Hands Up.

The word “magical” seems the most fitting to pin-point Jai Wolf’s set. If you’re looking to catch a this talented artist soon, be sure to grab a ticket early, as his shows are already selling out across the country. Also be on the lookout for some new work from Jai Wolf coming out later this year. Keep up with Jai Wolf’s tour and more here. See more images from this show on BolderBeat's Facebook.


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