Boatclub Music Collective Is Bringing You a Massive Hip-Hop/EDM Festival at The Church Next Tuesday

Started in western Oklahoma by a group of college friends, Boatclub is a music collective that is 100% homegrown and dedicated to putting on smaller festivals and events to expose rising artists. The collective began in 2012 when members decided to string up some old Christmas lights, install a sound setup, and invite about a hundred friends over for an unannounced party on a large plot of land. Planned in four hours with no marketing, the first Boatclub brought in one rapper, one DJ and 300 attendees. A huge underground success, Boatclub continued to put on rad events, putting on four smaller festivals in under a year and a half of their inceptioon, some of which had 700-person attendances.

Boatclub is now branching out to Colorado, hosting their first hip-hop/EDM Festival Experience outside of Oklahoma. The event is next Tuesday, April 19th at 7pm at Church Nightclub in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Denver. Its lineup includes a range of rising hip-hop and EDM artists, such as Lil Yachty and DJ LiTE BRiTE.

The collective handpicks each artist, choosing them based on their talent and lifestyle brand. One of the scheduled artists that is rising in the ranks quickly is Lil Yachty. Perhaps you’ve seen him in the most recent Yeezy fashion show, or tagged in photos with Migos, Vic Mensa, Big Sean and Tyler the Creator, while they all worked in Kanye’s recording studio. His tracks have hit the 2 million mark; the song “1Night” has even surpassed 20 million listens. This hot new artist, along with other rising talent, such as Retro P, Mnyh$e, M1 of deadprez and Bonnot of Assalti Frontali, will all be in attendance on Tuesday night.



“Boatclub is meant to be a place where any person can be themselves or whoever they want to be,” DJ LiTE BRiTE, one of the artists set to perform at the festival, told us.

Good music and good vibes are a guarantee. Make sure to snag a ticket and get there early. $15 for 21+ and $20 for 18-20; tickets at the door.

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