ICYMI: Faces Reunion Performance

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Ooh La La Baby.

Back in the 70s.

Back in the 70s.

It’s been two decades since Rod Stewart joined Faces for a live performance. In fact, Stewart bailed on the band’s last scheduled performance just three years ago 24 hours before their introduction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But the Rod crawled out from behind his hip-shaking, glitter-jacket-wearing solo career of hair gel and hits this weekend. If you were lucky enough to be at the Huntwood Polo Club in Surrey, England last Saturday (you equestrian, you), then you saw Stewart join surviving Faces members Kenney Jones (drums) and Ron Wood (guitar) for seven sweet songs. Their setlist consisted of:

  1. I Feel So Good
  2. You Can Make Me Dance
  3. Ooh La La
  4. I’d Rather Go Blind
  5. (I Know) I’m Losing You
  6. Stay With Me
  7. Sweet Little Rock’n’Roller

Is a Faces reunion in the works? Who knows. But a little “Ooh La La” live never hurt anybody.


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Watch a fan video from the Huntwood performance here:

Wondering who the Faces are? It’s likely you’ve heard them without even knowing it. Though some of their solo careers and other projects became more notable than their work in Faces, their contribution with this band was definitely influential in rock’n’roll.

Listen to this track and everything will click:


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