The Weekend Six: Six Shows to See 09/18 & 09/19

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Our weekend picks- get to ‘em:

Today (Friday, 09/18)



Sambadende at St. Julien Hotel and Spa 630PM-??

Sambadende are a Boulder-based samba reggae outfit who have been performing Brazilian music together since 2001. They will be breaking beats in the St. Julien lobby on the earlier-side of this evening, so stop in while you’re cruising Pearl for a dance or two.

The Big Brown Door.

The Big Brown Door.

Acoustic Ambush at The No Name Bar 10PM-Close

Sometimes it’s nice to head out for the night and discover surprisingly sweet sounds that you weren’t expecting. The No Name always provides this fix. Who will be in the acoustic ambush tonight? We don’t know, but we know it will be awesome. Go take a peek behind the big brown door.

the Bareface crew. Polaroid:   Hannah Oreskovich

the Bareface crew. Polaroid: Hannah Oreskovich

Bareface and Derang at The Deer Pile 830PM-???

We featured Bareface about a month ago here. We love their grooves, and they’re playing with their friends Derang tonight, who they told us have a “Persian psychedelic” sound. Bareface’s Robert Collins is heading to Ireland soon for a few months, so this is one of your last chances to catch this group before 2016! Don’t miss it! Get to the DP.

Tomorrow (Saturday, 09/19)

Jelly Bread.

Jelly Bread.

Jelly Bread at The Lazy Dog Sports Bar and Grille 10PM-Close  

Jelly Bread are a band from Reno who “blend desert twang with the urban tones of funk and rock.” They’re touring the West this fall and are releasing their next studio album, Here, There, & Everywhere soon. You can preview their music here before you hit the LD.

It's Gonna Be a Late one.

It's Gonna Be a Late one.

Late Night Radio at The Fox Theatre 9PM-Close

Late Night Radio is a Denver-based electronic and hip-hop DJ. He’s jetting off on tour the next couple of weeks, but he’s stopping in Boulder before he heads to the Midwest. You can check out some of his tracks here and the show is only $12. Go shake yo hips with LRD.

Andrew Bonnis at The No Name Bar 10PM-Close

Bonnis is a man of many talents. He can play just about every instrument around, and he will be bringing several with him to The No Name tomorrow night for a great performance. You can listen to some of his work here before you head to the show. We can guarantee people will be dancing.

Another weekend of sweet sounds Boulder! Get out there!


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All photos, videos, and embedded tracks per the artists featured and those credited. This feature was edited for brevity and clarity by BolderBeat.