The Foo Fighters Are As Bored With Their Live Show As We All Are With Their Latest Album

By: Hannah Oreskovich

You read that right.

90s Foo, around their debut.  Image per   A.V. Club  .

90s Foo, around their debut. Image per A.V. Club.

Remember when the Foo Fighters used to be cool? Like when they actually rocked the f*ck out in the 90s? Or when they surprised protesting Westboro Baptist members with a song in support of the “love is love” movement a few years ago? Yeah me too. Growing up, the Foo were one of my favorite alternative rock bands. I tried to see them in 2008 at Red Rocks, but the show was rescheduled around the time I jetted off to college out of state. So you could say they’ve been on my wish list for a minute. But after Sunday’s show at Fiddler’s Green, I will never, ever see the Foo Fighters live again.

At one point in the history of time, Dave Grohl did have a rock’n’roll spirit, a "let's just shred" attitude. He was a member of Nirvana for f*cks sake, a band who literally became famous for their indifference and hatred of everything mainstream. But that spirit has long since died my friends.

2015 Foo, preparing for a show in the suburbs.  Image via   SMH  .

2015 Foo, preparing for a show in the suburbs. Image via SMH.

“We’ve been playing shows for 20 f*cking years!” Grohl screamed to applause. Apparently what this translates to is: “At this point, we’re so bored with our own material that we’re going to play a ton of cover songs and (bonus!) I’m going to give dozens of speeches throughout the show about ‘rocking out all night’ (aka until 11PM)”.

The Foo Fighters performance was basically seven hits that you would have expected them to play and four or five covers, including Van Halen's “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love” and Stevie Wonder’s “Superstitious.” And yes those are great artists, and yes those are great songs. But I didn’t pay $75 to watch the Foo Fighters play forty minutes of stretched covers and a spray of lame cover riffs in Grohl’s twenty minute introduction of each band member (because true guitar prowess means you can play the first bit of Foreigner's “Double Vision”, right?). Sure I came for some of the Foo’s hits, but a deepcut or two would have been nice.

The Foo Fighters are as bored with their own material as we all are with their latest album. (Did anyone honestly dig Sonic Highways?)

Grohl made us watch a dumb video on how he created this throne.  Image per   FastCoCreate  .

Grohl made us watch a dumb video on how he created this throne. Image per FastCoCreate.

The Foo also spent a lot of time just screwing around. Grohl sat atop his throne (due to his recent leg injury), and this seat only became more fitting as the night went on. Grohl was perched like a rock’n’roll king and the entire show was a jestering of bullsh*t to keep him entertained. This was evident when Grohl brought a crying, drunk man-fan on stage and sang him "My Hero". Sure it was funny, but it was yet another twenty minute filler of lame antics that actually summarized the entire experience: If you were over 40 and drunk, I bet you had a great time at the Foo Fighters show.

After playing so many covers, at one point Grohl vomited at us, “You know what- I feel like we’re taking advantage of you playing these songs. We’re gluttons; gluttons of rock.” At least you know it Dave Grohl. But I want my money back.


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