The No Name Bar Has Live Music Almost Every Night

By: Hannah Oreskovich

There are always new tunes behind the big brown door.

Like we mentioned in our Laughing Goat feature yesterday, this week we’re trying to bring you local venues where you can find a performance any night of the week. Today, we want to talk to you about a place with no name. I’ve heard people refer to it as “the brown door” or “the secret bar”. It’s a place of many names and none at all: The No Name Bar.

The Door.

The Door.

The No Name is one of our most favorite of all Boulder hangouts. It’s where musicians go to support and be inspired by other musicians. It’s where you go to sip a great glass of whiskey while chatting with other creatives; or sit in silence enjoying the sounds. It’s atmosphere is unlike anywhere else we’ve been in good ‘ol Boulder. It’s arguably the beating heart of the local music scene.

The No Name Bar has three nights of themed music every week. Mondays are Bluegrass, Tuesdays are Swing, and Wednesdays are Jazz. The Boulder Swing Collective often performs on Tuesdays, Fleedami or a cluster of jazz musicians perform Wednesdays, & Mondays are also a variation of skilled instrumentalists bringing you dancey bluegrass jams. So drop in to check one of these out, or pick a night to religiously attend every week. Either way, you’ll always be impressed by the talent here.

Lovin' dat bass Mangrovers.

Lovin' dat bass Mangrovers.

The rest of the week, various bands play the bar. This Thursday is Mitchel Evan and The Mangrove, a folk-rock-americana trio from Boulder. They promise “tasteful harmonies” and “powerful lyrics.” They’re a band we haven’t had the chance to see live yet, but they definitely sound worth checking out.

Friday is the reunion show of Boulder’s Almond Butters band. The Almond Butters are a supergroup of sorts. Their members are all involved in other projects (Moonwavve, Natural Motives, and Bareface), but perform under aliases for this band. So frontman Jebediah Almond will be on bass, Daryl Almond will be tickling the keys, Leo Garetti will hold down lead guitar, and Jean du le Monde will be on drums. Come to the show to uncover their true identities and listen to them bring “outlaw indie, in-law country” and a seriously good time to the bar. Though their shows are few and far between, they always put on a wildly energetic live performance. We’ll be covering their event on Friday and snapping pics, so come dance with us!

The Butter Boys.

The Butter Boys.

Saturday is still TBA, so we will update this article accordingly once announced.

Sundays rarely have music. However, Matty Schelling of Whiskey Autumn bartends Sundays and a conversation with him is as awesome as any band you would roll in to check out. He’s extremely knowledgeable on all things music (truly it’s astonishing), he books all of The No Name music, and he’ll pour you an awesome IPA to sip on while you talk hip-hop influences. Skip church and pay Matty a Sunday visit.

That’s The No Name for the week! We’re featuring a video launch tomorrow, but Thursday we’ll bring you another Nightly Music Venue Feature. Keep groovin’ Boulder.


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