Music Video Release: Whiskey Autumn "My Dear Miss Claire"

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Boulder's Whiskey Autumn have dropped their first official music video.

A scene from Whiskey Autumn's music video "My Dear Miss Claire".

A scene from Whiskey Autumn's music video "My Dear Miss Claire".

Local band Whiskey Autumn has just released their new video for “My Dear Miss Claire”, a highlight from the band’s latest EP, Call You Mine. The video follows a young couple around Boulder, with familiar scenes shot on the Pearl St. Mall and the Boulder County Farmer’s Market. The video pans between the couple in color, and the doo-wop rock trio performing on a farm in black and white. We sat down with Whiskey Autumn frontman Greg Laut to learn more about the video, the process of filming, and what he enjoyed most about the entire experience.

1. We really enjoyed the CD release show for your EP Call You Mine. How did you decide which song from the EP to film a video for?

After we decided to work with directors Grant Speich and Waeli Wang on the video, I asked them listen to Call You Mine and pick a song. I’ve found from experience that we are too close to the music to determine which track people will gravitate toward. Grant and Waeli both liked the dancey hip-hop beat of "My Dear Miss Claire"  and had a solid pitch for the video so we followed their instinct.

2. We dig the contrast between Whiskey Autumn performing in the country in black and white and the couple exploring the city in color. Was there any deeper meaning behind this visually creative choice?

The intention was to make the scenes of the couple exploring the city in the color of springtime seem like memories of a past relationship and the wintry black and white band scenes to be reminiscing on those [past] times. The color shots were completed using old film, which provided this dreamy, surreal look indicative of intimate memories. The digitally shot band scenes represent the clear-eyed present, where thinking back on old times makes you realize the seemingly small moments you shared with another person are actually quite powerful and should be cherished.

3. The song sounds as if it’s written for a couple who is breaking up. What’s the story behind the couple in the video? Are they actors or are they together in real life?

James and Carrie are a real-life couple! We wanted the couple scenes in the video to capture a true sense of intimacy and thought that using actors may come across as insincere. When it came time for casting, James and Carrie seemed like the perfect choice as they are both ridiculously good-looking and all around lovely people.

4. As the writer of the song, what was your favorite part about filming the video?

I really enjoyed the process of working with Grant and Waeli on the initial storyboards and seeing that come to life. It was important to the band to create a video that was more than us fake playing our instruments along to the recorded track from the EP. We wanted it to have a bit more depth, and in the end I think we accomplished that.

Watch Whiskey Autumn's video for "My Dear Miss Claire" here:


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