The Laughing Goat Has Live Music Every Night of the Week

By: Hannah Oreskovich

The LG has music happening all the time and you should check it out.

Nightly music. It’s what we live for here at BolderBeat.

So this week, we’re bringing you short, daily features on local venues that boast artist performances every. single. night. First up? The Laughing Goat.

An actual laughing goat. Terrifyingly cute?

An actual laughing goat. Terrifyingly cute?

Located on 17th and Pearl, The Laughing Goat has been a coffeehouse-music-stop under different monikers for decades. Rumor even has it that Nirvana played there once when it was Penny Lane. While we can’t promise you Kurt Cobain (RIP homie), we can promise you that you’ll hear some good tunes over a latte made by our awesome contributor Becky. So head over to the Laughing Goat this week (or any) to catch nightly music musings.

Here’s their schedule for the next few days:

Monday July 6th - Poetry Night (8-11pm)

Get ready for the beat generation kids.

The ‘So, You're a Poet’ reading series by Boulder's 'beat book shop’ has several Kerouac events on its poetry calendar. Poets who have performed in this venerable, decades-old series include the late Allen Ginsberg... The series has always been hosted by poet and Kerouac School alumnus Tom Peters, owner of the Pearl Street landmark ‘beat book shop.’"

That’s pretty cool. Tonight, they’re featuring poets Anne Waldman, Ambrose Bye, Clark Coolidge, Thurston Moore & special guests. Go hear some rhymes.

Tuesday July 7th - Jazz Night (8-11pm)

For their regular Tuesday jazz night, Denver-based The Stephen Brooks Trio will be holding down the house. Preview them here and show up to dance, read, or Facebook in the corner feigning social-ness while listening to good music.

" Welcome to gypsy indie folk as you've never heard it before." -PM

"Welcome to gypsy indie folk as you've never heard it before." -PM

Wednesday July 8th- Jazz Night (8-11pm)

Jazz night round two. Why? Because Boulder and coffee shops in general love jazz. So if you missed your Tuesday dose, slide over and order tea in a little baby teapot because it makes you feel good. And listen to Paper Moonshine, who describe themselves as “still jazzy, with a touch of bluegrass, folk, pop, and even funk.” Check them out here.

Thursday July 9th- Touring Acts (8-11pm)

One thing we love about the LG is that they feature a lot of touring singer/songwriters. That’s how we got in touch with Miles Wide last month. This week, you can check out Adam Hunt’s “lush, orchestrated, expansive” sound followed by Steve Itterly’s ragtime and folk blues. Sounds like a cool combo.

Something tells me you'll fit into Boulder just fine with that North Face Mr. Itterly.

Something tells me you'll fit into Boulder just fine with that North Face Mr. Itterly.

Friday July 10th- Touring Acts (8-11pm)

Start your weekend with traveling musicians, the first of which is the “mellow and moody” Annalise Emerick. Following her is J.W. Teller from Asheville, NC with storytelling lyrics of Southern life. And the final act is Shay Gestal, a violinist and songwriter who is actually beginning her tour from Boulder to Burlington with this show. Lots of cool stranggs.

Saturday July 11th- One Band Night (8-11pm)

WadiRum will hold down the whole set Saturday with songs they describe as “lush harmony, dark, warm bass and cello, and drums that move from subtle to explosive.” They’ve got some rock happening, which is cool. Did we mention you can get a beer at The Laughing Goat?

How can you say no to this lone star? Bob Cheevers.

How can you say no to this lone star? Bob Cheevers.

Sunday July 12th- Singer/Songwriters

Sunday. It seems so far away right now… But you can catch Boulder musician Brandon Hagen there before you start the work week. He’s an indie-folk artist who has been involved in several local projects. And following Brandon is Bob. Bob Cheevers has one of those names you have to say multiple times in a row. Bob Cheevers. Bob Cheevers. Anyway- Bob looks like an old legend who is rumored to be “one cool scarecrow gypsy poet who writes and sings the romantic beautiful truth.” Go see Bob Cheevers.

So there you have it Boulder! Your first venue to catch shows at any night of the week. Stay tuned as we bring you more venues over the next few days. And keep up on all Laughing Goat events here.


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All photos, videos, and embedded tracks per the artists featured and those credited. This feature was edited for brevity and clarity by BolderBeat.