David's Desk: Augustus Take The Fox Theatre Stage

By: David Landry

Augustus' first Fox show was a success.

I want to start this off with saying Paul Kimbiris did one hell of a job last Saturday night. I have only seen him at The No Name Bar playing solo before this, but with a full band behind him, it was awesome and makes me want to see him again. But I am not writing this article on Paul. I’m writing this on my dear friends Augustus.

Augustus top right, baby. Photo Credit:   Augustus

Augustus top right, baby. Photo Credit: Augustus

I have a special place in my heart for Augustus. They have been friends of mine ever since we met and I couldn’t be more pumped that they nabbed a gig at the Fox. They were the first band to play last Saturday’s show, and they made it hard to follow them. Colin’s voice echoed beautifully around the theatre and Jim’s kick drum felt like a thumping heartbeat. It was good to see the boys in a venue where all of the members were heard well; I always wanted more Jim and Jessie.

Sidenote: Jessie plays the cello like no one I have ever seen. He gives it so much energy ripping along (and always looks dapper).

See what I mean? Dapper. Photo Credit:   In the Shed Media

See what I mean? Dapper. Photo Credit: In the Shed Media

Augustus held nothing back last weekend. They blasted through a forty minute set and left nothing behind. They played a few songs off of their EP Common Collapse, and some great new tunes I know will be on the EP that they’re currently finishing up in-studio.

Augustus thank you for killing it at the Fox- you made a fellow musician and friend envious in all the right ways.

-David at the desk

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