Tyler, the Creator: Vomit, Terrorists, & Cherry Bomb

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Tyler, the Creator is so cherry.

Sunset at the Fox. Photo Credit:   Olivia Oreskovich    

Sunset at the Fox. Photo Credit: Olivia Oreskovich

Just two months ago, Tyler, the Creator released his third official album, Cherry Bomb. His summer tour following the release has received a lot of buzz, most recently when he paid fans $30 to lick vomit. Last night, Tyler played the Fox and so we had to know: Did Tyler pull any Odd Future antics? We interviewed two concert-goers, Jakob & Olivia Oreskovich, to find out:

First things first, did anyone lick vomit?

J: Hahaha no, but there were plenty of people there that probably would have!

O: Surprisingly not!

Were there any ridiculous antics by any of the OF team?

J: Nothing too insane, but before the show when everyone was waiting in line, Tyler shut down the 7/11 with his posse.

O: On the last verse in “IFHY”, Tyler held out the word ‘love’ for an endless amount of time. He seriously held that note for a solid two minutes off key and then made the crowd join in with terrible harmony.

Did Tyler bring out any special guests?

J: The show started with Taco doing a little DJ set, and Jasper was the on-stage hype man.

O: He actually brought a guy from the crowd on stage to rap Jasper's verse from “Oldie.” I think his name was Cory and he was from Colorado Springs.

Golfwang. Photo Credit:   Olivia Oreskovich

Golfwang. Photo Credit: Olivia Oreskovich

Tell us what the best part of the show was:

J:  When Tyler and Jasper first came on stage during part of Taco’s set, everyone went crazy.  The energy from all of the anticipation before the show - waiting in line and whatnot - came to a head.  

O: There was a battle between which side of the crowd could yell ‘Golf Wang’ louder. When Jasper's side won the battle, Tyler was so sad and he had everyone call the other side of the crowd terrorists.

What was the energy like in there?

J:  The energy from the crow is always the best part of an OF show.  The crowd’s always super into it, and not afraid to start a little ruckus.

O: It was hyped beyond belief. Everyone there had been waiting in line for hours, so the anticipation for the performance was at an all time high.

Anticipation. Photo Credit:   Olivia Oreskovich    

Anticipation. Photo Credit: Olivia Oreskovich

Sum up this show for us in one word:

J: French.

O: Cherrybomb.

So there you have it, Boulder. Check out the rest of Tyler’s tour schedule here.


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