The Fremonts: Restless, Raw, & Beautiful

By: Hannah Oreskovich

The Fremonts are Boulder newcomers dropping folky, Americana goodness.

How to have a perfect summer evening: Combine sunset lighting, a glass of prosecco, & the folky, Americana sounds of the The Fremonts on the back porch of The Tridet Cafe. The scent of a rose bush is wafting your way on the left; paper lanterns softly light the night above you. This was The Fremonts recent vinyl release party. But if this delicate scene freaks you out Boulder, don’t worry. Justin Badger’s raw and restless vocals will give you just the edge you’re looking for.

Badger. Photo Credit:   Hannah Oreskovich

Badger. Photo Credit: Hannah Oreskovich

Born of thestorytelling of Stephanie Dodd and the songwriting of Justin Badger,” The Fremonts are a Boulder-based band that know how to combine pretty and gruff in all the best ways. Dodd (vocals/keyboard/xylophone) has a gentle, soothing voice that guides you along their lyrical stories. And Badger (vocals/guitar/suitcase kick drum) brings in strong, turbulent tones. It’s a perfect fit.

So how can you get your ears on their sound?

First- snag their recent vinyl EP release here. It opens with the upbeat “How Often” and ends with their yearning track “Echo.” You could download their digital album for free, or you could splurge a whole $10 for the wax (obvi get the vinyl). Their awesome album art photo by Bootleg Cooperative will actually make you feel like the $10 was worth it even before you spin the record. It’s cool.

See what I mean? The Fremonts EP. Photo Credit:   The Fremonts

See what I mean? The Fremonts EP. Photo Credit: The Fremonts

Second- tune in July 25th @ 4PM to the Way High. The Fremonts will be playing a live, on-air show in an old church where their harmonies and strumming are surely to sound powerfully awesome.

Third- hit up one of our most favoritest of Boulder venues- the No Name Bar- on August 1st. The Fremonts will bring a kick rhythm that makes the place beat while you sip on some choice whiskey.

Dodd on keys. Photo Credit:    Hannah Oreskovich

Dodd on keys. Photo Credit:  Hannah Oreskovich

Raw, pretty, gruff, delicate, restless, soft, rugged. That’s The Fremonts. Give ‘em a listen here.


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