David's Desk: Bacon and Gregs Heat Up Boulder's The No Name Bar

By: David Landry

Who wouldn't like a little bacon with their Gregs?

Photo Credit:  Greg Laut

Photo Credit: Greg Laut

You walk through the No Name door and are greeted with bedroom talk from the booths and the bar. Greg Corcione (jazz drummer here on Wednesdays and beat-keeper of Moonwavve) croons to you with a rhythm section of only piano and drums. Greg Laut (of Whiskey Autumn) lets his fingers dance across fake ivory keys and Matty Schelling (also of Whiskey Autumn) keeps the percussion clean and tight. You wouldn’t think that they haven’t performed live together. The Bacon and Gregs project hums through a full, tasty set. They even trot back on for three more original tunes written by Corcione. These boys will kiss you goodbye in the morning. 

Greg right; Bacon left. Polaroid:  Becky Guidera

Greg right; Bacon left. Polaroid: Becky Guidera

Your eyes are heavy from a good bourbon and the night starts to wind into some impromptu jazz once Greg Laut exits and Jeff Vescuso jumps in. Matty Schelling leads the team; Vescuso slaps sweet and sour bass lines. Corcione has fun shaking the cabasa. They twist you past the midnight hour. And you exit the door, off to dream. Happy weekend. 

Video by David Landry

-David at the desk

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