Back with Brand New in Denver

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Brand New is back, just how you remember them.

When Brand New announced a Denver show this year, I freaked. I first heard Brand New circa 2007 after a boyfriend included “Jesus” in a CD mix he gave me (because nothing said I love you back then like a bunch of emo songs). Jesse Lacey’s screams could make any high school girl toss her polos aside for studded belts and skater shoes, so this was a show I had to see.

But just when I thought I’d be splashed in nostalgia, Brand New opened the set with their first new song in six years, “Mene”. Weird title; cool song. The drums set the tone right at the start for what is a pretty rockin’ post-hardcore track. And the ‘don’t feel anything’ chants near the end of the two and a half minute jam caused an immediate moshpit, which I guess was Denver’s way of saying, “We approve.”

It's all in the backbends.  

It's all in the backbends.

Brand New then played a couple of tracks from Daisy, followed by “Millstone” and “You Won’t Know” from The Devil and God Are Raging Inside of Me. There were crowdsurfers galore, water bottles being thrown in the air, and that general chaotic vibe that only a good alt-emo show can provide. The guys then jumped into four tracks off of Deja Entendu, including “The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows” (the dramatic video in the link may make your inner emo cry). Frontman Jesse Lacey howled us into oblivion on this fan-favorite while picking away on (what else?) a pink Fender telecaster. Awesome.

The boys dove through their discography for the next few songs, and you can peep the full set list here. It got a little drony through a few of these, but they ended with guitarist Vincent Accardi riffing behind his head for a billowing rendition of “Jesus”. What more could a girl ask for? See Brand New’s tour schedule to catch a show here (if you can find one that isn’t already sold out).


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