David's Desk: King Tuff Are MY Kind of Rock'n'Roll

By: David Landry

King Tuff is badass rock'n'roll.

Magic, Captain, & a King. Photo Credit:   Hannah Oreskovich

Magic, Captain, & a King. Photo Credit: Hannah Oreskovich

The scene: April 9th at the Ogden Theatre. Father John Misty and King Tuff sold out show.

The opener: King Tuff starting the night off just the way you want- with a swift kick in the balls and a kiss on the cheek. King Tuff jumping around in a hat that reads: “Ice Cream”. He’s hitting a fog machine that is blasting off thick smoke for every guitar solo. Magic Jake is on the bass, smiling his goofy smile the entire set like every moment is the best he’s ever had. And President Gary is holding things tight with his Bonham-esque drumming. Energy. Punk Rock. The perfect way to get you jazzed for the man of the hour. Which is...

The Headliner: Father John Misty. He enters the scene with dapper flair, silhouetted by red stage lights. Father John Misty. Breaking your heart and sewing it back with the string that he holds. Lights. Sex. Rock ’n’ Roll. Party On!

-David at the desk

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