Jerney: The Denver Hip Hop Artist Dropping Mixtapes Faster Than We Can Write About Him

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Denver's Jerney is dropping music fast and we're listening.



Maybe you were lucky enough to catch local hip hop artist Jerney’s recent set at CU’s Homecoming Concert (he opened for Radical Something). Or maybe you’ve seen Jerney at a show down in Denver, where he’s based. Or maybe this is your first time hearing about the man behind the mixtape “Motion Picture Season One ep. 1-8.” But in any case, this guy has been snapping up a lot of attention lately. So we wanted the chance to chat with him his big move west, what it was like working with Netherlands-based producer Thovobeats (Thomas Vos), and what his plans are for the fall. And we got it! Here’s what Jerney told us:

Hey man- thanks for sitting down with us. We’re pumped to be diving into the local hip hop scene. First off- where was it you moved from?

New Jersey.

East Coast. That’s cool.

Yeah growing up in New Jersey, I was introduced to a variety of genres. And that variety has really helped me to shape my own sound that I think is pretty distinct to just me.

Sweet. Speaking of genres, we noticed that there are some definite jazz elements happening in “Motion Picture Season One ep. 1-8.” Tell us about that.

I think the jazzy production elements definitely compliment my style and bring out my best lyrics. And my fans seem to really like it!



Nice. Diving into your sound a bit more, we are really diggin’ “Nobody.” It feels like this dark turn in the album that we want to keep going back to. Tell us about your writing behind this track.

Thanks! Actually the making of “Nobody” was a long process because of how complex the beat is. Once we had that, I actually struggled with writer’s block for the lyrics. After a few days, I just freestyled most of the verse, which made the creation of the song a lot more natural. “Nobody” is about police violence, and how in the end, we are all just pawns in the eyes of the government.

A dark, but really cool turn indeed then. So we noticed that Thovobeats produced a majority of your songs on this mixtape. What was it like working with him?

I first linked up with Thovo on a previous project, which inspired me to reach out to him when I created this mixtape. His style stood out to me the most, especially considering he is only 19 and lives in the Netherlands.



That had to be interesting working with him at such a distance. So what’s it been like getting involved in Denver’s hip hop scene? And what has been your favorite venue to check someone out at since moving there?

Since arriving in Colorado, I actually believe Boulder has the best music scene. But overall there are really talented rappers coming from all over the state- Lily Fangz and Povi rep Denver and then the No Coast guys rep from literally all over. But there are just so many good rappers out here- I can’t name them all. And my favorite venue thus far has been the Fillmore.

Well that’s awesome to hear! So what are your plans this Fall? Any upcoming shows? A tour? A music video in the works?

Right now we are in the process of filming a music video for “Nobody” with a great team- shout out to Lance. We’re planning to drop it by the end of the year or early 2016. I also just dropped a new EP this week called “Three Piece Suit” and it’s a collaborative project with Boog, the New Jersey based artist featured on “Motion Picture Season One ep. 1-8.” I’m also working on booking a few shows in Denver and in Boulder, but nothing I can announce yet.

Sweet. We hope to catch one soon. In the meantime listen to “Motion Picture Season One ep. 1-8” here:

And Jerney's Most Recent Drop, “Three Piece Suit” can be streamed here:


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